ERBSN is a 9-partner consortium covering Macroregion 2 (RO2) in Romania, with the objective to facilitate SMEs located within RO2 to increase their contribution to promoting growth and jobs, becoming more sustainable and internationally competitive, approaching innovation as a possible success driver and developing innovation projects, as well as by continuing to promote EEN as a trustful European business and professional partner.

The RO2 Macroregion includes two development areas: North-East and South-East, covering 12 counties: Bacau, Botosani, Braila, Buzau, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Neamt, Tulcea, Vaslui and Vrancea.

ERBSN partners provide all EEN activities:

  • identification of business partners, through access to databases with requests or offers for commercial or technological cooperation;
  • participation in brokerage events (B2B partnerships) for the development of international relations between SMEs, commercial or technological cooperation;
  • participation in European programs, requests for funding, exchange of good practices, including research and innovation programs;
  • information and consultancy regarding international public tenders, market opportunities, European legislation and policies, relevant for a company or an economic sector;
  • involvement in the policy-making process at European level, by participating in public consultations or other initiatives in the field of competitiveness and innovation;
  • support for SMEs aimed at raising their awareness of the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies to improve their business models;
  • support for SMEs to identify and address environmental and climate change issues, new sustainable business models, to increase their resilience.

Consortium website:


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Shipping and Agriculture
Address: no.185 Alexandru Lapusneanu Blvd, 900457, Constanta, Constanta County
Phone: (+40 241 550.960)
E-mail:; Web site:

Galati Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
Address: no. 46 Mihai Bravu Street, 800208, Galati, Galati County
Phone: (+40 234 460.312); Fax:(+40 236 460.650)
E-mail:; Web site:

Tehnopolis SRL Iasi
Address: no. 10, Poitiers Blvd, 700671, Iasi, Iasi County
Phone: (+40 332 102.208); Fax:(+40 332 102.108)
E-mail:; Web site:

North-East Regional Development Agency
Address: no.9, Lt. Draghescu Street, 610125, Piatra Neamt, Neamt County
Phone: (+40 233 218071); Fax: (+40 233 218072)
E-mail:; Web site:

South-East Regional Development Agency
Address: no.24, Anghel Saligny Street, 810210, Brăila, Braila County
Phone: (+40 339 401018); Fax: (+40 339 401017)
E-mail:; Web site:

IPA SA Galati
Address: no. 23, Brailei Street, 800048, Galati, Galati County
Telefon: (+40 236 433.467) ; Fax: (+40 236 433.467)
E-mail:; Web site:

Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address: no.15-17, Universității  Street, 72022, Suceava, Suceava County
Phone: (+40 230 521506)
E-mail:; Web site:

Arhipelago Interactive SRL
Address: no. 24, Șoseaua Nicolina Street, 700177, Iasi, Iasi County
Phone:  (+40 745 501941)
E-mail:; Web site:

10Ability.EU SRL
Address: no.12-14, Teodosie Rudeanu Street, 1st floor, 011258, sector 1, Bucharest
Phone: (+40 745 621769)
E-mail:; Web site: