ERBSN is a 6-partner consortium covering Macroregion 2 (RO2) in Romania and which objective is to facilitate SMEs located RO2 to increase their contribution to promoting growth and jobs, through becoming more sustainable and internationally competitive, approaching innovation as a possible success driver and developing innovation projects, as well as by continuing to promote EEN as their European business and professional partner.

The RO2 Macroregion comprises two development areas: North-East and South-East, serving 12 counties: Bacau, Botosani, Braila, Buzau, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Neamt, Tulcea, Vaslui and Vrancea.

To achieve this general objective, ERBSN develops a viable network delivering easy-to-access business and innovation services of excellence for SMEs and other target groups, with European dimension, well embedded into the international Network and the regional environment of business support organizations. ERBSN undertakes all EEN activities – advisory services for SMEs in view of internationalization and becoming more innovative, facilitation of cross-border partnerships, and the provision of a communication channel between SMEs and the EU, as the needs and constraints of the regional SMEs, as well as all 6 partners’ competences and know-how allow and justify their implementation equally across RO2.

To reach as many SMEs as possible, stakeholders and proximity multipliers across RO2 join efforts with ERBSN in promoting the Network and its benefits for SMEs. In order ERBSN to contribute to the establishment of an internal „Network identity”, and to ensure its coherence and consistency at regional level, ERBSN actively collaborate with other Network partners, participate in Network activities and in its structures. Also, to achieve its professional objectives, ERBSN increases staff’s competences and skills to provide European added value services. Thus, ERBSN facilitate SMEs access to European and international markets and the development of innovation projects, by helping to improve the environment for businesses.

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Parteneri consortiu:

Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Shipping and Agriculture
Address: no.185 Alexandru Lapusneanu Blvd, 900457, Constanta, Constanta County
Phone: (+40 241 550.960); Fax: (+40 241 619.454)
E-mail:; Web site:

Galati Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
Address: no. 46 Mihai Bravu Street, 800208, Galati, Galati County
Phone: (+40 234 460.312); Fax:(+40 236 460.650)
E-mail:; Web site:

Bacau Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
Address: no. 1, Libertatii Street, 600052, Bacau, Bacau County
Phone: (+40 234 570.010); Fax: (+40 234 571.070)
E-mail:; Web site:

Tehnopolis SRL Iasi
Address: no. 10, Poitiers Blvd, 700671, Iasi, Iasi County
Phone: (+40 332 102.208); Fax:(+40 332 102.108)
E-mail:; Web site:

North-East Regional Development Agency
Address: no.9, Lt. Draghescu Street, 610125, Piatra Neamt, Neamt County
Phone: (+40 233 218071); Fax: (+40 233 218072)
E-mail:; Web site:

IPA SA Galati
Address: no. 23, Portului Street, 800025, Galati, Galati County
Telefon: (+40 236 433.467) ; Fax: (+40 236 433.467)
E-mail:; Web site:

Macroregion 2

Regions (NUTS-II)



Counties (NUTS-III)




36.850 km²

35.762 km²


3.712.396 inhabitants

2.811.218 inhabitants

Eastern Romanian Business Support Network – ERBSN Consortium

Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Shipping and Agriculture (coordinator)

Galati Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture

Bacau Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture

Tehnopolis SRL Iasi

North-East Regional Development Agency

IPA SA Galati