West Regional Development Agency, South-West Regional Development Agency, Tehimpuls – Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Center and Craiova University are implementing the joint project “Boosting Sustainable and Innovation-Driven Growth for Romanian SMEs” within the Ro-Boost SME consortium, partner of the Enterprise Europe Network. The Regional consortium Ro-Boost SMEs’ project, “Boosting Sustainable and Innovation-Driven Growth for Romanian SMEs“, is implemented at Macro-Region IV level, which is made up of two development regions, South-West Oltenia Region and West Region.

South-West Oltenia Region

The Oltenia Region is located in the south west of Romania and is made up of five counties: Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinti, Olt and Valcea. The region occupies an area of 29,212 sq. Km. equal to 12.25% of the total area of Romania.
The location of the Oltenia region is particularly favorable for economy and tourism: the Carpathians and the Danube form the natural borders of Oltenia in the north and south region respectively.  The Danube is an important regional resource and it follows the border with Bulgaria and Serbia on a distance of 417 km. The Northern border of the region is at a distance of about 200 km from Timisoara; the distance between Craiova and Bucharest is 230 km.

West Region

The West Development Region was established on 28 October 1998 and it comprises the  counties of Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timis. Situated at the crossroad of major European transport and communication routes, the West Region – Romania borders with Hungary and Serbia, being a part of the Danube Euroregion – Cris – Mures – Tisa (DKMT), involving the four counties of the West Region, four counties from Hungary and the autonomous region of Vojvodina in Serbia.

Consortium web site: www.eenroboost.ro

Consortium partners:
West Regional Development Agency
West Region, Romania
Gheorghe Lazar street, no.14, Timisoara, 300080
Tel/Fax: +40 256 491 923/ +40 256 491 981
E-mail: office-een@adrvest.ro
Website: www.adrvest.ro

South-West Regional Development Agency
South-West Oltenia Region, Romania
1, Teatrului alley, Craiova, 200402
Tel/Fax: +40 251 411 869, +40 251 412 780
E-mail: office@adroltenia.ro
Website: www.adroltenia.ro

Tehimpuls Association
West Region, Romania
Gheorghe Lazar street, no.14, Timisoara, 300080
Tel/Fax: +40 256 491 923/ +40 256 491 981
E-mail: office@tehimpuls.ro
Website: www.tehimpuls.ro

University of Craiova
South-West Oletnia Region, Romania
13, A.I.Cuza street, Craiova, 200585
Tel/Fax : +40 251 413 844 / +40 251 418 803
E-mail : office.een@ucv.ro
Website: www.ucv.ro

Macroregion 4

Regions (NUTS-II)

South-West Oltenia


Counties (NUTS-III)




29.212 km²

32.028 km²


2.246.033 inhabitans

1.919.434 inhabitans

Ro-Boost SMEs Consortium

West Regional Development Agency (coordinator)

South-West Regional Development Agency

Tehimpuls Association

University of Craiova